HR Advisory & Consulting

Phoenix Worldwide helps organizations achieve their human resource objectives by evolving strategies that are aligned with business plans. We constantly focus on striking the balance between organizational objectives and individual career aspirations to bring about a fit between the organization and its human resources. Before we go ahead, let's think over few key points :

  • Do you have high employee-turnover? Can you guess why?
  • Do you know how to make employees contribute to business faster?
  • Are the roles & responsibilities of employees frequently getting changed?
  • Do you have required framework to address different HR issues?
  • Do you have proper system for employee reward & recognition?
  • Are the Line Managers equipped with adequate people skill? Do they know how to motivate teams for achieving greater business results? Are they adding value?
  • Do the Staff, Operators & Supervisors have right attitude towards performance?
  • How do they treat company property?
  • Do your employees have Service Contract or Appointment letters?
  • Does your organization comply with the Law of the land?
  • Do you manage disciplinary issues correctly?
  • Are you spending majority of your time handling on people related issues and find lesser time for core business activities?


Phoenix Worldwide conducts a high performer’s meet in the Company to identify the factors which restrict change. We work with you closely to have a dipstick on HR process maturity.

HR Process Maturity Framework:

This process maturity framework will act as a tool for your HR quality improvement drive. It will enable us to assess in a structured and easy way the maturity of the different HR processes and helps you to prioritize your improvement action planning.

  • HR Strategy process
  • Organizational Capability Enhancement
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Development
  • Talent Management
  • Performance Management
  • Reward & Recognition
  • Communication

This Tool provides:

  • A maturity grid reflecting different stages of maturity within processes
  • A guide for improvement planning
  • A benchmark reference for best in class ways of working·
  • An enabler to detect and enhance the sharing of best practices

To understand where you are currently, we could do an initial assessment. Once in practice, it will become part of your journey to HR excellence and so delivering a competitive edge to your business.