Surveys & Assessments

Feedback is extremely essential for leaders to know the current state of organization and to identify the gaps. Our survey and assessment services provides you exact feedback to improve upon various dimensions like:

  • Employee engagement level
  • Line Manager’s capability to handle people issues
  • Leadership Effectiveness & perceptions
  • Organization Climate


We deploy tools and processes to provide you with reliable feedback on various dimensions like:

  • Employee Engagement Survey-We assess the key drivers of your employee engagement including strategy alignment and people relationship.
  • Performance Culture Survey-We measure how well your leaders and business practices aligned with the organization value.
  • Compensation & Benefit Survey- We banchmark your compensation with peer and industry standard.
  • Training Need Assessment Survey-Get rish and detailed insight on the learning & development needs of your employees across level.
  • Organizational Climate Survey-In the process we quantify the culture of an organization. Set of properties of work environment is perceived by employees using a "Shared Perception Approach".
  • 360 Degree Feedback- process includes feedback from an employee's subordinates, peers (colleagues), and supervisors, as well as a self-evaluation by the employee him or herself.