Tata Sons take women-centric policy to a different level with its newly unveiled maternity package

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Tata Sons has rolled out a woman-centric policy including paid maternity leave of seven months, reported The Economic Times. Moving towards a policy more sensitive towards pregnant women and mothers, Tata Sons, through its policy is assuring job security as well as respect to its woman work-force.

The Indus Parent, in its report states the policy in detail :

  • For early childhood care, after completing the seven-month maternity leave, women can avail 18 months of half-pay half working day post-maternity leave
  • Flexibility to choose working hours
  • Apart from the maternity and early childhood care leaves, women employees can now work two days a week from home
  • Secure performance ratings during the maternity leave, which means that performance rating during maternity leave and flexible work will be based on the average of the previous two years’ ratings or ratings for the ongoing year, whichever is higher. Maternity leave, flexible work, work from home — time spent on all three will be considered as continuous work/service, and therefore, promotions will not be impacted
  • On completion of five years at work, women can avail a one-year leave at half pay if they are care-givers at home. This is to enable them to take care of elders or children in the house, and can be taken for a maximum six times for a minimum of two months
  • During this period, the compensation will be 50 percent of their last drawn CTC
  • The company will also give six-months as adoption leave, six month surrogacy leave, and 15 days as paternity leave

Currently, this policy has only been rolled out by Tata Sons and will most likely be taken up by their sister concerns at the Tata Group. The policy is up for grabs for women employees from this month onwards. This means that starting this month, woman employees at Tata Sons are eligible to avail of the seven-month maternity leave with full pay. The leave can also be taken two months prior to child birth.